Jewel Cream or Boo Boo Balm


Devonshire Salves & Balms are made from the finest, all natural, certified organic ingredients.

Jewel Cream (AKA Boo Boo Balm)
A healing salve made for minor cuts, scrapes, scalds, and badly cracked skin.

This balm is made with organic olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, and an infusion of plantain herb, comfrey, shepherds purse, calendula, arnica, chickweed, and rosemary

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Devonshire is the Best! If you haven’t tried their products your missing out. Their soaps smell so delicious that my son tried eat it once when he was little, lol. I truly can’t praise these products enough!

The quality of the salve was excellent and just as described. It works, and that is what is needed. Wonderful stuff.

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