Patchouli Wand Incense


Patchouli – yellow with a natural stem - Patchouli incense has a long history of use in various cultures and is often associated with spiritual and aromatic practices. It is known for its rich, musky, and sweet scent, which some people find quite soothing and grounding. The aroma is often described as earthy, woody, and slightly sweet with undertones of spice

Devonshire Incense is absolutely extraordinary and unlike any other incense in the world. The highest quality tree resins are hand-cracked, then painstakingly distilled for up to five weeks to bring out the very purest, natural fragrance. The pure resin essence is then hand-blended with rare and exotic fragrant oils and herbs according to our exact family recipes, then tested and retested to ensure each and every single drop meets our high standards. Incense sticks of aloeswood, resin, and bamboo are carefully hand-made, cured, then soaked in the fragrant resin solution. During the soaking process, the dry, porous aloeswood drinks in the liquid tree resins and volatile natural oils. Once saturated, the wands are gently laid out in the sun and allowed to cure and harden for five days. Finally, the scented wands are lightly dipped in natural pigments to give the finished incense Devonshire’s signature color and vibrance. Keridwyn Hershberger is the owner artisan of Devonshire and makes the incense by hand in the beautifully unique driftless area of Wisconsin.

Devonshire Incense was handcrafted by the Hershberger family in Texas starting in 1967. We are the makers of Eye of The Day incense and Sacred Spirit incense. Devonshire's unique process infuses each stick with natural tree resins, giving each of them an exquisite fragrance and almost unheard-of 1 hour burn time. The incense has a shelf life of over 15 years, can be stored in anything, and will never transfer fragrance from stick to stick. In addition to Eye of the Day, and Sacred Spirit, Devonshire has been marketed under the names Fragrant Harvest, White Light, Lightstones, Devonshire Apothecary, Wicks and Sticks, Linga Sharira, and was sold through Whole Foods Market during the 1980s and ’90s. We are the only North American incense company to have sold to Vatican City.

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First class incense. Great service

Very high quality incense .Super fast shipping.

I have been buying their incense for over 20 years. A shop I used to visit would sell their incense years ago. Then stopped selling it. I was heart broken and a few years back I discovered their Etsy shop. I am over the Moon with joy that I found them again and am able to recive high quality incense from years ago. Thank you 💛✨️

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